2018 Reading & Film Challenges

So, here is my reading challenge for 2018. Like last year, I’m not going to read books necessarily just to complete this challenge, but will be interesting to see if I meet these targets anyway. I have included the 3 challenges I missed from 2017, as well as 9 new challenges and I have tried not to duplicate anything from last year.

So by 1st January 2019, I will see if I can read a book in each of the following categories…

1 ~ A Book You’ve Been Meaning To Read For A Long Time

2 ~ A Book You Read A Long Time Ago

3 ~ A Book That’s Over 600 Pages

4 ~ A Collection Of Short Stories

5 ~ A Historical Murder Mystery

6 ~ A Classic Of Children’s Literature You Haven’t Already Read

7 ~ A Book Originally Published In 1968, 1943, 1918, 1868, 1818 or 1768

8 ~ Read At Least 3 Books From A Series You Haven’t Read Before

9 ~ A Book With A Child Or Teen Protagonist

10 ~ A Book That’s Been Made Into A Film

11 ~ A Book That Was Originally Published In A Language Other Than English

12 ~ A Book That You Haven’t Read Before Because You Find It Intimidating


As for my 2018 film challenge, this will be slightly different this year. My aim is between 25th December 2017 and 25th December 2018 is to watch every Disney animated film, which is a lot. I am trying to include Pixar and sequels as well, but we’ll see how that pans out. Maybe I should change that to as many as I can.

So, I will set 5 targets for films in 2018 and see how far I get:

1 ~ Watch as many Disney/Pixar films as I can within the year

2 ~ Watch at least 3 Studio Ghibli Films

3 ~ Finally watch all of The Hunger Games films!

4 ~ Watch at least 3 films in the cinemas

5 ~ Watch at least 3 musicals


So there we are. Let’s see how 2018 pans out!

For my music choice this week, I’ve opted for JP Cooper’s ‘We Were Raised Under Grey Skies’, which I just think is sublime! Enjoy 🙂


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