I Finally Watched Home Alone…

So, I have a confession to make… I’ve never seen Home Alone…

Well up until last Saturday anyway. A lot of people were pretty shocked I’d never seen it before and when it came up in work just before Christmas I was told to watch it straightaway. Three months later and I finally have!

I’ve never been great at watching non-animated films (still “real people films” in my head!) and there are a lot of ‘classics’ I’ve never seen. It’s not necessarily I don’t want to watch these films. It’s more the fact that when I do get round to putting a film on (which isn’t very often) I’m much more likely to opt for something animated, explaining why I’ve seen certain films (Coraline and Brother Bear are two that spring to mind) countless times over.

So at the grand old age of 22, I decided to finally watch this classic Christmas film for the first time, on a Saturday night towards the end of March… Either super late or ridiculously early, depending on how you look at it. But you know, the  timing doesn’t really matter to me. The other year we watched It’s A Wonderful Life (also for the first time) towards the end of January. We used to start writing our Christmas lists in July. And being perfectly honest I would quite happily watch films like The Grinch at any point throughout the year. It’s never an inappropriate time for Christmas films, music or festivities, just saying!

Here are 5 initial thoughts I had on the film:

1 ~ I enjoyed it on the whole. There were funny moments, heart-warming bits and a happy resolution which is always nice in a film, particularly a festive one

2 ~ As a character, I actually found Kevin really irritating. I did feel sorry for him at points but on the whole he really got on my nerves, although not as much as his older brother Buzz!

3 ~ The attempted house robbery was cleverly put together and amusing but why wasn’t it mentioned at all afterwards? I thought there’d be some big “Kevin’s A Hero” bit at the end or something, but guess I was wrong!

4 ~ It is worth worthing, just maybe not all it’s hyped up to be. Sorry for any mega fans out there. Over the years, it’s just been built up and it would be difficult for it to live up to such high expectation.

5 ~ I am considering watched the second one, maybe in another three months time?! Home Alone 2 in June sounds perfect! 😛

6 ~ Final point: the house is so nice! I know there’s about 15 of them living there, but still it’s enormous.


P.S. Christmas related post = Christmas music! I decided to go for one of my favourites: Kelly Clarkson’s version of ‘O Come, O Come Emmanuel’. Ignore the time of year and just enjoy!


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