Happy Belated New Year / 2017 Reading & Film Challenges


I am aware that it is now the 23rd January and I haven’t posted since mid-November. The longer I left it, the harder it became to post. But I’m back now and hopefully I will be able to get this all running and back on track. I had a wonderfully relaxing Christmas holiday from work (a whole 23 DAYS!!) and it’s taken me a good fortnight to get back into the swing of things.

So, for the new year I have decided to take on two 2017 challenges: a 2017 reading challenge and a 2017 film challenge. I have seen reading challenges posted online before and wanted to attempt a 2016 one that I found last year. (Spoiler: I didn’t get round to it!). However, I have decided to create my own 2017 reading challenge, incorporating categories from other online reading challenges and creating a few of my own. So here it is:


Adam’s 2017 Reading Challenge

1 ~ A book published in 2017

2 ~ A book published before 1900

3 ~ A book published during the decade you were born (for me, the 90s)

4 ~ A book that’s under 150 pages

5 ~ A book that’s over 600 pages

6 ~ A book written by an author who isn’t British, Irish, American or Canadian

7 ~ A book you’ve meaning to read for a long time

8 ~ A book you read a long time ago

9 ~ A book by an author you like, that you haven’t already read

10 ~ A book from a series you’ve never read before

11 ~ A book with a colour, season or number in the title

12 ~ A book recommended to you by somebody else

A mixed group, but hopefully this should result in 12 quite different books. I will post as I work my way through the challenge and hopefully I will have completed it by the end of 2017!!

For the film challenge, I again decided to select 12 films: 6 that I’ve already watched, but haven’t seen for many years and 6 that I’ve never seen before. The twelve films are as follows:

Adam’s 2017 Film Challenge

Part I: Never Seen Before

1 ~ Zootopia

2 ~ Bee Movie

3 ~ Ponyo

4 ~ Spirited Away

5 ~ Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

6 ~ We Need To Talk About Kevin

Part II: Previously Seen

7 ~ The Emperor’s New Groove

8 ~ The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride

9 ~ Oliver and Company

10 ~ The Incredibles

11 ~ Chicago

12 ~ V For Vendetta

I have picked these films as 12 I definitely want to watch over the course of this year. I aim to watch more films generally anyway, and will hopefully find time to watch some of the films people are shocked that I’ve never seen (Home Alone, Grease, Dirty Dancing etc.). These 12 will hopefully just skim the surface and I would really like to watch/rewatch more Disney & Pixar movies, as well as watching some anime films, superhero films & musicals. Watch this space!

So that’s my first post of the year done and dusted – I hope that made some sense, I’ve probably waffled quite a bit here! But the first one is always the hardest and I’m glad I’ve finally motivated myself to do it! I’m hoping that this year will see me continue to explore and develop my interests and particularly I hope to return to creative writing in a big way. It’s no use dreaming of being a published author if you never find yourself the time to write!

So I think I’ll end it there for now. I am fully intending to post blogs on here three times a week, as of this week: likely to be Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Whether this actually comes off, we’ll have to wait and see but I will, as always, try my best – which is all you can ever really do!

Over & Out 🙂

P.S.My song for this post is called “Do You Miss Me At All” by Bridgit Mendler, from her new EP ‘Nemesis’, which is amazing and I treated myself to it just before Christmas. Hope you enjoy it, the whole EP is stunning! 🙂


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